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Design an Event


We are glad to help you customize an event (workshop, seminar, or consultation process) that will enhance your mission. The following steps will facilitate our planning.


Before our initial conversation, it will be helpful if you do the following:


   1.Clarify the goal: What do you hope will result from our event together?

   2.Focus the learning group: Who are the people or leaders that will attend the event?

   3.Identify the theme: What is the basic topic(s) to be addressed?

   4.Set the date and timeline: Identify 3 or 4 options to seek a match with the our calendar.  An evening

      and a day, or 2 days offers more interactive possibilities than a single day.

   5.Select appropriate place: your church or some retreat center or hotel.


Once we begin our conversation, we will need to:


    1.Clarify the content: In-depth learning requires careful development of a realistic agenda.

    2. Design the process: Presentation, interaction, dialogue, table group or breakout group

        conversation,media presentation, and much more are all possibilities.

    3.Select appropriate technology: We bring our computer and one LCD projector for images.

    4.Customize the cost: We are sensitive to the financial limitations of small churches, church plants,and

       culturally diverse congregations and will do whatever we can to negotiate expenses.

    5.Anticipate follow-up: Pre-plan on-line forums, follow-up events, or coaching seminars for the future.

       Our events are very rich in ideas, opportunities, and challenges, and participants always seek further

       help to network and customize for their contexts.


We highly recommend that you contact us at least two months in advance to book your event.


Book your event early to insure getting the dates you desire. Contact us for contract and cost information. Send an email or call 404.480.0877.


•    We embrace all denominations

•    We are a fellowship

•    The pastor can join without the church having to join

•    We are hands on

•    We host conferences and roundtables to meet your needs

•    We will come to your church

•    We can train your leaders at your location

•    We offer soul winning crusades

•    We can build your website

•    We love pastors


Send us an email with your name, ministry name, position or title, address, phone and the best time to contact you.







Design an Event



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