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I am S. Oliver Kpaan, Jr., Overseer of the Apostolic Outreach Assemblies of Jesus Christ, Inc. I am Married to Minister Grace-Tee Kpaan. We have four children; two girls and two boys.  The first two (Oltee Yadah & Cephas Oliver) are our biological children while the last two (Olive Amuchee & Judah Ephraim) are our foster children.


 The Apostolic Outreach Assemblies of Jesus Christ, Inc; is the parent body of the churches (Life Tabernacle), the academic school (Life International School) and all the other outreaches ministries. My wife serves as co-pastor of one of our churches along with me. Present, I served as senior pastor of two of our churches. Our mission is to raise saint who understand Kingdom principle and live as children of the King.


Our ministry started in 1994 with about twenty-five persons, and has grown to seven churches. Indeed the LORD has been faithful to us through the years.  During the first worship service on October 30, 1994 I preached using the theme: “Go And Tell Them”.  I knew that there was an urgent need to move from where we were to what the Lord Jesus wanted us to be. I had no doubt that God was taking us somewhere, but we had to cooperate with the plan and working of the Lord.  Those words have since become our motto for the first eight years of our ministry.  In the message on that Sunday, about fifteen years ago, I spoke about how Jesus healed the demonic man, and sent him to spread the news of his deliverance.  The man now fully delivered from demonic oppression with much excitement and gratefulness went into ten cities and told the people of the cities what Jesus had done for Him. I then concluded by saying, if the Lord Jesus had set us free from sin, and deliver us from bondage; we must go and tell others that the same thing which has happened to us can happen for them. This message became the motivating factor in the lives of the saints in our ministry. Sooner than we thought, in the first few months, we were looking for a bigger building to host the congregation.  After few years, ministers from our ministers were motivated to reach out to plan new assemblies.


When I was called to ministry I did not fully understand the depth of the calling but I knew somehow that the Lord was calling me to minister not only to my local church, but also the Body of Christ. The word which the Lord spoke to me as a call was: “I have set you as a watch man”. The call was a particular Scripture (Ezekiel 33:7-). Ever since that day this word has been like fire in my spirit. Studying this Scripture, I believe that my ministry is not only to the local church in which I serve as Sr. Pastor.  Our local church ministries include Operation Double, which is a kingdom approach to evangelism.  We also have a strong prayer program among many others.


Our ministry has now come to be focused on the local and the national church. Therefore, we have network with other ministers and churches to carry out ministry that is affecting our nation in a very positive way.  By the grace of God we organized “God Bless Liberia” a movement of national consciousness.  Our mission is to raise the spirit of patriotism. Presently we gather thousands of our own citizens and saints from many different churches, every July 26, which is our Independent Day for a Prophetic Convocation. During the meeting, we pray, make prophetic declarations, and speak to the nation and the church on national issues. We remind ourselves about the historical past of our nation, but we also give direction for the destiny of our beloved nation.


Another ministry that our church is involved with is an anti-rape campaign; ‘Action Against Rape’.  During and after the civil war in our country, rape became a very prevalent issue especially against little children; ranging from two years to teenagers.  Action Against Rape was established based on the conviction that the church of Jesus Christ is the solution to the ills in the society.  Praise the Lord that through the advocacy of Action Against Rape (AAR) the Lord has intervened in the issue of rape in the nation. We are however continuing our campaign.


Life to the Community Program is another outreach ministry of our church. This ministry reaches out to the community with the aim of building a purposeful community. We invite targeted groups to discuss issues that are affecting the community, and find solutions to the issues.  The program is also involved in giving out relief to the most vulnerable in the community.


The latest ministry that will be introduced in this month is; ‘The School of Prayer’ this ministry is aimed at reactivating the ministry of prayer in the Body of Christ. I believe that you must be taught in order for the saints to pray or develop a consistence life of prayer. The lack of a consistent prayer life in the Body of Christ is due to the misunderstanding of the purpose of prayer. This ministry will go to as many churches as will open their door, to conduct a five day prayer seminar. It will also establish prayer network in the body of Christ, which will raise a mighty army of praying saints.


 I believe that I was called to speak to the nation and the Body of Christ; my local church is however just the vehicle God is using to fulfill this calling.   With this in mind I was stir up in my spirit to start a radio program:  ‘A Voice to the Nations Broadcast’ and ‘Cry Aloud’ which is our ministry newsletter.  These outreach ministries have bless many people over the years.   These ministries help me to fulfill my call to the nation and the Body of Christ.  In addition, I have written two books; ‘Faith in God: How Does It Work?’ and ‘The Power of Thinking’


Every year our ministry hosts a national conference which has been a blessing to the Body of Christ. The conference which is title “UPDATE”, seeks to expose the body to “present truth” for kingdom advancement.  By the grace of God this year, we will have our father Apostle Sherman L. Young as our special guest and key speaker.  The conference this year will include of a pastoral meeting and a men meeting. We are look forward to gathering pastors from other part of our political subdivisions (county) to attend this conference. We believe that the Lord will use Apostle Young to be a blessing to the ministry in our great nation.



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